Cloisonne II:

831 Sand

585 Patriot Blue

747 Pebble Beach

979 Silver Print

Nylon Graphics:

Rated for Severe Traffic

Cloisonne II:

Manufacturing Specifications:

Pile Yarn Content:  100% Mohawk ColorStrand Nylon with Mohawk Protection Plus

Construction:  Loop Pile Graphics

Finished Pile Weight:  28.00 OZ/Sq.Yd.

Dye Method:  Solution/Yarn Dyed

Gauge:    1/10

Stitches Per Inch: 10.00

Pile Thickness:  .140

Density:  7200

Total Weight:  60.69 Oz.

Primary Backing:  Woven Polypropylene

Secondary Backing:  Woven Synthetic

Width: 12’

Pattern Repeat: 1.4”W X 4”L

FHA Information:  MEA# 45722 Type I & II, Class 1 & 2 Texture A

Severe Commercial

10 Year Limited Wear Warranty

10  Year Limited Stain Resistance Warranty

Permanent Anti-Static Control

                Mohawk Protection Plus…Soil Protection Plus Stain Blocker (food and beverage stains only)

868 Brownstone

879 Smokey Taupe

473 Wild Flower Path

563 Exotic Blue

248 Copper Gold

671 Tropic Palm

384 Wine Cooler

999 Night Sky

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